The comprehensive communications strategy for the startup founder that wants to build a memorable, effective brand quickly & on the cheap.

50+ pages of proven techniquesStreamlined game plan: Each chapter tells you how much time it will take to execute All the hand-holding you need w/ tons of data to customize your strategy

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Answering the startup founder's toughest communications questions like:
How do I find a journalist who will help tell my story?How do I make people care about my company? Which social media platforms should I use? How the f**k do I become a "thought leader?"

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Part 1 takes you through the fool-proof brand building process with activities and step-by-step lessons to build a company description, customer personas, and help you capture the look & feel.

Part 2 gives you a tour of the four most effective tactics at your disposal and how to build a custom strategy based on your goals, strengths, and time available.

Author Kelly Miller is a DC-based communications strategist, speaker and tech community organizer.

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Building a company is hard.
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